There and Back again - Mankind's last best Hope

Welcome new recruits to the Space Patrol.

For decades the Space Patrol has been protecting the spaceways of the inner solar system but now an exciting new challenge has emerged - Interstellar flight. We can now finally build ships that can travel faster than light and using such a ship the Sperare a crew of Heroes mounted an expedition to a distant star system. Tragically contact was lost with the expedition and so we are now recruiting for a rescue mission.

The South London Warlords would like to invite you to be part of the crew of the Novo Sperare in probably the World's first Nuclear powered tag game.

The game will be run all night on the 21st and 22nd February 2004, at the Secret Nuclear Bunker Kelvedon Hatch in Essex (about 15 minutes from the M25) and will cost £40 (which includes an after game cooked breakfast during which we will endeavour to have a debriefing). While there is ample parking onsite it is extremely unlikely you will have access to your vehicles during the game so please be prepared to carry everything you think you will need.

We would like players to start arriving on site at 19.00 on Saturday 21st , the game will start at 21.00. The game will finish 07:00 to 07:30 the following morning.

Standard Warlords Rules (with some simple enhancements and clarifications) will apply. Weapons should be limited to small sidearms in general however the security players will be allowed to carry something bigger (remember the cautionary tale about firing an energy weapon in a confined space when making your choice)

If you have any query relating to the game, please feel free to contact Tim Atkinson the Warlords LRP Coordinator on 020 8402 8738 or by email